Find Out Which Of Your Apps Have Been Updated in iOS 7 [iOS Tips]


Latest iOS 7 Updated Apps

With iOS 7, you are no longer a slave to the constant need to update your apps. John McCain should be totally happy.

With this new automatic update feature, though, it might be nice to see what’s been updated lately. To do that, it’s just a quick trip into the guts of iOS 7. Here’s how.

To figure out what’s been updated, as well as when it was last updated, you need travel no further than the App Store app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Tap the App Store icon on your Home screen, and then hit the Updates button in the lower right-hand corner. You’ll then see apps that have been updated, sorted by the date they were updated. Pretty neat, huh?

You may see some apps that have not yet been updated. You might have automatic updates turned off. To turn it on, navigate to your Settings app, tap on iTunes & App Store, and then toggle Updates to ON.

You may need to wait a bit for the updates to start happening, but now you’ll get your apps updated without any input on your part.

  • tickford1983

    I hate how you can’t clear the apps that have been updated. It looks too cluttered! Hopefully Apple changes it when they release a software update.