Stock Up On Earbuds With These Ergonomic iPhone 5/5S Headphones – 50% off [Deals]



You can never have too many headphones. I’ve written before about how I’ve got different ones for different use cases, so when an ergonomic set of earbuds suited for the iPhone 5, 5S, and 5C become available at a low price — well…I’m all ears.

Cult of Mac has a set of earbuds that meets that criteria, The iPhone 5/5S/5C headphones are only $14.99, but you’ll also get free shipping to select countries. Plus, if you buy two pairs, you’ll get one at 50% off the already low price!

Note: This promotion is only available to select countries. To view a list of those countries (as well as read up on all other important terms and conditions surrounding this offer), visit the Deals page.

The ergonomic design of these buds makes them so comfortable you literally forget you’re wearing them – and the directed sound gives you a 3D listening experience you’d expect from a much more expensive product. These earbuds include a built-in remote and mic so you can quickly adjust volume, switch songs, and answer calls – all while keeping your phone in your pocket.

These are ideal for those of us that have a tendency to lose headphones. The price makes it a much easier pill to swallow when that happens, so picking up two of these for a shade over $20 would be a “sound” investment.

You can get these ergonomic iPhone 5/5S/5C headphones here.

  • dcj001

    Based on your description of these earbuds, these are not genuine Apple EarPods. And there’s a big difference.

  • rsbell

    Looks like cheap Chinese ripoff to me.

  • MarcusV

    Says in the description “not made by Apple”

  • jimfan0106

    Not Made by Apple, speaks more volume than these cheap knock offs ever will!

  • dcj001

    The same ones are available on eBay for $5.99 with free shipping.

  • oaks

    Why do you promote fake products? Again!
    These have nothing to do with Apple earbuds.
    50% off of what?

    Many people will be fooled :(

  • nakago5000

    Good ol’ Cult of Mac promoting yet another sub-par product. Do not get burned by this “deal”.

  • Adrayven

    Good ol’ Cult of Mac promoting yet another sub-par product. Do not get burned by this “deal”.

    Pfff, if they promote anything it should be a cool kickstarter like SideCar. Lets you attach your iPad or iPad Mini to your laptop and use it as a second screen. :D

  • Menelaos Stamatelos

    I just received these yesterday and they’re horrible. Extremely quiet, poor sound and even sharp edges on the plastic housing. What a waste of money…