iOS 7.0.1 Goes Live For iPhone 5s and 5c Owners, Solves Touch ID Issues



Did you buy an iPhone 5s or 5c this morning? Upon booting up your new precious for the first time, you’ll be asked to download over-the-air an update to iOS 7.0.1.

Unfortunately, iOS 7.0.1 is exclusive to iPhone 5s and 5c devices. Curiously, it was already in Apple’s pipeline alongside iOS 7’s release on Wednesday, but without any iPhone 5ses or iPhone 5cs in the wild, there were no devices for it to be downloaded to.

The update fixes a few niggling bugs, and allegedly addresses an issue with the new Touch ID sensor in the iPhone 5s. That’s all anecdotal, however: all Apple has officially said is that the minor update contains “bug fixes and improvements.”

I guess this means that the first iOS 7 update available to everyone will be iOS 7.0.2. God knows that there’s still enough bugs that need ironing out.