Triggertrap Camera Remote App Updated For iOS7



Triggertrap Mobile has just released v2 of its camera-controlling software, allowing you to hook it up to any of 300 camera models by wire, and fire the shutter remotely.

Of course, that’s not all it does: Triggertrap can use any and every sensor in your iPhone to trigger the camera, along with timers.

The biggest change to the app is its look. Triggertrap 2.0 is all dressed up and ready for iOS7, but the whole app has also been revamped to make it easier to use.

And how do you use it? You have to hook the iPhone up to the Triggertrap dongle using the headphone jack, and then you connect that to the camera itself using a matching cable.

Once done, you can trigger the shutter at time intervals, or in response to sound (clap!) or even – with a further dongle – trigger a flashgun directly. But there’s more. Using the iPhone’s GPS you can do a “distance-lapse,” snapping a photo every x meters.

The app is also easier to use. Try tapping the big red button to snap a picture, or tapping and holding it to make a longer exposure. And now the interface is cleaner, you’ll find it easier to explore to many, many triggering options.

Available now.

Source: App Store
Source: Triggertrap
Via: PetaPixel