Jony Ive And iOS 7 Just Ruined This Kid’s Day [Video]



iOS 7 came out yesterday and if early adoption numbers are any indication, people love the hell out of it. Well, everyone except one young kid who hates that Jony Ive just changed everything. Check out the video Derek Colling posted to YouTube of his sons reaction to iOS 7.

Colling said he knew his son would be surprised, but a full-on mourning of Forstall’s fine green felts and leather stitchings came as a bit of a surprise. But hey, when you’re a kid and the smallest of changes feels colossal, is it too much to ask that your Angry Birds playing device have the same UI consistency throughout your tenure at pre-school? #firstworldproblems

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7 responses to “Jony Ive And iOS 7 Just Ruined This Kid’s Day [Video]”

  1. Atienne says:

    That kid is a friggin Brat.

  2. keir_john says:

    My primary concern is this kid’s haircut.

  3. lands_urbanite says:

    Brat Child! Gross!

  4. mackyboy says:

    wow….this has to be written…

  5. Avenged110 says:

    It’s ok. That was my reaction too.

  6. ElVox says:

    My 3yo just said “oh, ok…where are my games?” and that was that.

  7. norb says:

    QUICK! Someone warn them about Windows 8!

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