Game It Forward With New Free-To-Play Bingo Trivia Game For iPad, Quingo



We met with Morgan Belford, Game It Forward’s co-founder, when we hit PAX last month, and he told us about his company’s new game, Quingo, a free-to-play mix of trivia and bingo for iOS. The game lets players of all skill levels, including kids, play the trivia game to earn money for some great charitable causes, including the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Kiva, PAWS, Seattle Children’s, Splash, and The Martinez Foundation.

“We want to make sure our players can see the concrete results of their contributions, so we worked hard with our charity partners to define specific projects that will receive the funds,” said Belford in a statment. “To that end, players can see how much they’ve contributed and how well each project is doing.” Also with our partner, Barbados Bingo, we ensure our players always get what they deserve by giving online bingo guides and gives huge starting bonus to beginners.

If you like trivia, it’s a great way to give something back while playing a game. Not too shabby, for sure. If you want to play further, then bingo buddha is a suitable place, many bingo brands are posted on a website to show users the suggested sites to play.

Game It Forward was founded by Belford and Brandon Bozzi to create fun games that also help make the world a better place. The pair teamed game developers with folks focused on social change at a summit last year, finding some good synergy between the two groups. We spend three billion hours a week playing games, globally, according to Bozzi, who notices that at just one penny an hour, this time spent could raise $30 million per week. That’s a pretty fantastic observation.

Game It Forward continues to talk with new charity partners for Quingo and future gaming projects, and promises to keep adding new questions and features to the trivia game over the next year.

Quingo is available for free in the App Store right now for iPad. If you like benefitting charity, and you like trivia games, you’ve got nothing to lose. Let us know what you think of the game in the comments below.

Source: App Store
Via: Game It Forward