Ask Siri To Show Brightness Slider, Bluetooth Toggle Right On The Lock Screen [iOS7]


Siri got way more helpful with the iOS7 update.
Siri got way more helpful with the iOS7 update.

Grab your iOS7-running iPhone and activate Siri. Now say one of the following…

Change the brightness
Adjust Bluetooth

… and various combinations thereof. You’ll be rewarded with switches and sliders to adjust these settings right there on the Siri screen. Pretty good huh?

This only works for certain settings: You can adjust Bluetooth and brightness, but you can’t switch on the flashlight. You can, however, tell Siri to enable Airplane mode, but he’ll warn you that he’ll die if you do.

In fact, you can just ask Siri “What can you do?” and he’ll throw up a list for you, right there in the screen.

Source: Twitter

  • CoyoteDen

    It has been pointed out that Siri’s ability to turn on airplane mode is a way for a thief to disable Find My iPhone without having your passcode. You can disable Siri while locked under passcode settings. Of course, turning the phone off works just as well…

  • VirtualVisitor

    I only had to try FIVE goddam times to get Siri to understand me for this. “Change the brightness settings” took me to Wikipedia and many other places, but NOT the brightness settings. To understand spoken english, you must first understand ENGLISH.