This Is The Official Packaging Of The iPhone 5c


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Over on his official Flickr stream, Daring Fireball’s John Gruber has posted this beautiful shot of the iPhone 5c packaging.

I admit, I was skeptical when we saw earlier leaked shots of the iPhone 5c that this was the actual retail packaging. It seemed odd to me that Apple wouldn’t ship the iPhone 5c — which is still an expensive device at $549 unlocked — in the same sort of budget packaging as the iPod touch.

I was wrong, though. Like the iPod touch, it ships in a plastic container, with the actual device visible through a transparent plastic dome. That dome is doubtlessly made of Apple’s new packaging material, which breaks down into mush simply by submerging it into water.

Gruber says that the iPhone 5c even comes with a fake sticker on the surface of the device, showing what the iPhone 5c looks like when it is turned on, just like the iPod touch.

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Source: Daring Fireball