How To Find The Reader Button In iOS 7’s Mobile Safari [iOS Tips]


readerSafari iOS 7

iOS 7 has changed the look and feel of so much on the iPhone and iPad, that some of you may be looking for familiar bits, but find yourselves unable to locate them.

A case in point, here, is the Safari “Reader” button that used to be in the upper right hand side of any Safari window when it was showing a page that was Reader-able. I love Reader, especially on my iPhone, so I went searching for it the minute I upgraded to iOS 7 today.

Here’s where I found it.

The Reader button is no longer on the right side of the Safari address bar, but rather resides on the left of the very same bar. Instead of a clear button that says, “Reader” on it, there’s an ambiguous three-horizontal-lines-stacked-vertically icon. Tap that, and you’re good to go.

This is one of those changes that makes sense from a design point of view, but not so much from a naive user point of view. You’d hope that Apple could add some sort of overlay for those launching the app for the first few times, perhaps, to point this out?

Either way, now you can get back to reading websites clutter free while browsing with mobile Safari.

Image: Teach Me iOS

  • Rowanova

    Nice tip, thanks.

  • Ted Gocal

    Good tip. I know I was confused when I went looking for it. But Picard says there are FOUR LINES! :-)

  • rtdunham

    I’m not seeing the 3 (or 4) line icon to the left.

  • Keith Babberney

    “makes sense from a design point of view”
    It does? From a clear, obvious button that anyone can identify to a cryptic series of lines in a new place that resembles icons from any number of sites, with any number of functions. I guess the old button was kinda ugly, so that must be what you mean, but this is one of those “improvements” that make no sense to me. I’m glad I no longer am at the mercy of Microsoft, but every apple update seems to include one or two of these inexplicable changes that leave me baffled (ios7 also added the swipe-up “feature” that interrupted me continually until another search taught me to turn that off in apps). Thankfully, I have google (and Cult of Mac) to help sort it out, but i still must wonder why they did it.