iTunes 11.1 With iTunes Radio Is Now Available To Download



Apple made iTunes 11.1 available for download. The new update includes Apple’s long anticipated iTunes Radio feature that allows users to create personalized music stations based on an artist, genre, or song. Also included in the update is a new Genius Shuffle feature, Podcast stations, and the all important ability to update your iOS 7 devices.

You can grab the new update from Apple’s website or by checking for updates in iTunes.

  • Rjp9200

    Still not available for Windows.

  • cybermac

    Not available for Mac either, website still says iTunes 11.0.5 for Mac OS X :(

  • Paul Burt

    So far only available through! iTunes kept telling me 11.0.5 was up to date!

  • Rjp9200 is still telling me 11.05. However, the iTunes page says ” Now you can listen…” where it used to say, “Soon you can listen…”

  • Wayne_Luke

    No update here either but Windows seems to get the updates later.

  • RobStaback

    Tried downloading from the Apple site, but I couldn’t open the downloaded file. It said it was “unrecognized”.

  • BenjyWeeks

    No iTunes Radio in the UK? Bummer.

  • Harley

    Don’t tease. Not available thru update or via the Apple site.

  • Rjp9200

    Website still not letting me. But, Apple Software Update program did.

  • RobStaback

    Finally got it through the Mac App Store.

  • KBaity

    Had to update through Apple. Kept getting error using Mac Store, and iTunes said 11.0.5 was latest. Installed, radio working terrifically.

  • whyloco

    Problem here website shows 11.0.5 and downloads 11.0.5….

  • brunetmj

    No itunes Radio in Canada

  • Rjp9200

    If you keep getting errors, try Apple Software Update application and click “Tools”–“Download Only”. Version should be