Paperback Turns The Back Of Your iPhone Into A Notebook



No matter how fast you can unlock your iPhone and launch Drafts app, you’ll still be slower than someone jotting down a note with a pen and paper. But that means you have to carry a separate notepad along with your iPhone, and then you have to dig around in your bag or pocket to find it.

Not so with the Paperback, a, uh, a paper back for the iPhone 5/s/c.


Each Paperback note is like a custom-cut Post-It, only the glue covers nearly the entire back and not just the edge, helping to keep it attached even in the pockets of skinny hipster jeans. You can slap the whole pad on there or just add a few notes at a time.

I like this a lot. I always always always have my iPhone with me, but not so with a notepad. Best of all, once the note is full, you can just snap a picture with the iPhone camera and throw the paper note into the trash, or the recycling or whatever.

Each pad contains 80 sheets and costs $8.

Source: I Love Handles
Thanks: John!