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Camera+ Update Brings New iOS 7 Look, Sharing, And More


Doesn't look *too* different, right?
Doesn't look *too* different, right?

Tap tap tap, the developer of Camera+, announced Tuesday that it too is updating its popular iOS prosumer camera application to match the new iOS 7 look and feel, along with several other sharing and shooting improvements.

Co-founder Lisa Bettany emailed to tell us about the overhaul to the redesign, which gives Camera+ a better match to Apple’s new mobile operating system for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

If the redesign itself doesn’t excite you, then you might be happy to learn that there are more improvements under the hood, as well, including new exposure compensation, which lets you adjust the exposure before you take the photo, and a square cropping option for you Instagram freaks.

There’s also some new improvements to the sharing features of Camera+, including letting you send your photos right to Instagram, Dropbox, and Evernote, or–and this is exciting–send your images right to any AirPrint printer wirelessly. Sweet!

As iOS 7 officially comes out tomorrow, be prepared for these new features and a whole new look when you update.