First Sight Of iOS 7 Controller Support In The Wild: AVP: Evolution



TouchArcade found this little addition in the latest update to Fox Digital Entertainment’s AVP: Evolution, a note in the update features list that claims iOS 7 Controller support.

iOS 7 Controller supportThis is the first note of such support we’ve heard of in any iOS game, but it’s likely we’ll see a veritable flood of support in the future. Apple is remaining mum on the topic, of course. We really don’t know when we’ll see any iOS controllers, but from my chats with folks at Logitech and SteelSeries, I’m sure we’ll be seeing controllers sometime soon, perhaps when the new iPhones are available.

For now though, keep your eyes peeled for any new game app updates in the App Store; there’s bound to be more iOS 7 Controller support in there somewhere.

We’ve contacted Fox Digital Entertainment for a comment and will update you when we hear more.

Source: App Store
Via: TouchArcade
Image: Android Police