Ending Soon: Touchfire Is The Only iPad Keyboard You’ll Ever Need [Deals]



I write a lot on my iPad. I love the distraction-free atmosphere provides and the portability of the platform. I have written a ton of blog posts on the iPad, and wrote the majority of my book using the device as well. That said, it’s tough to write regularly on the iPad without a keyboard. And it’s even tougher to find a keyboard that doesn’t adda ton of bulk to the device at a price that’s easy to swallow.

That’s why the Touchfire appeals to me, and Cult of Mac Deals has it available for only $34.99 during this limited time offer.

There are other keyboard options out there, including the Apple Bluetooth Keyboard, but the Touchfire mounts directly on the iPad. That means less bulk when traveling with your iPad, less workspace being covered by a keyboard, and you actually get more familiar with the iPad’s native keyboard in the process. The Touchfire allows for touch typing, which is great for efficient writing. Cult of Mac’s John Brownlee has written about the Touchfire before, which you can read here.

The Touchfire really does offer a unique iPad typing experience. Take advantage of the savings and pick it up for only $34.99 from Cult of Mac Deals before this deal is done!