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Instapaper 5 Is Ready For iOS 7



iOS 7 is launching on Wednesday September 18th, and with it will come a whole slew of neat (and sometimes eye-searing) features. But what will there be for us poor bloggers and developers who have (maybe) been running the beta for so long now it doesn’t even seem new anymore? The answer is app updates. Lovely updates to some of our favorite apps to make them play nice with the new, clean OS. And the one of these will be Instapaper.

Instapaper was bought from Marco “my coffee’s better than yours” Arment by BetaWorks, and has seen little in the way of updates. The new version is ready to go, and should launch along with iOS 7 this week. And it looks great: BetaWorks seems to have kept the best of Instapaper intact (it’s clean and simple, and has the best reading view of any of the Read Later apps), and added some features that bring it into the modern day (video support).

There are new sorting options for your articles: you can sort by date added (the same as the current version); you can put the longest articles at the top, or even arrange them by the time Instapaper thinks you’ll need to read them – great for when you’re waiting for a bus or train.

I can’t wait to see it. Those screenshots, which come from The Verge (there’s no way I’d be reading about shambling old man Springsteen), only show the iPhone version, but hopefully the iPad version is going to look something like the revamped Instapaper website.

That said, I’m almost entirely using Pocket these days thanks to faster sync, a great text parser and the fact that it shares nicely with IFTTT. Hopefully Instapaper 5.0 will be good enough to put it back in the game.

Source: The Verge