Facebook Figures Out A New Way To Annoy: Autoplaying Videos (And Video Ads)



Get ready for a whole new way for Facebook to make navigating through your feed on your iPhone hell! Facebook is preparing to launch auto-playing videos in your News Feed… and, yup, they’ll eventually be available to advertisers.

The approach Facebook wants to take here is very Vine or Instagram-like. Essentially, videos will autoplay as you get to them on your Facebook News Feed. They will play without sound, unless you tell them otherwise, which is not the most obnoxious approach you can take to the concept… although if your Facebook friends are anything like mine, the second this update hits you’re probably going to be watching an autoplaying video of a toddler squeezing out his first load into a plastic potty.

But of course, it won’t stop there. Facebook says that while initially, autoplaying videos will only be available to individuals and bands/musicians, it will allow marketers to start autoblasting video ads in your face soon enough. Which is, of course, Facebook-0wned Instagram’s ultimate path towards monetization as well. Will the constant bombardment never end?

Source: Facebook

  • aardman

    Will Facebook pay for the cellular bandwidth that the video uses?

  • techwarrior

    Dear Facebook: If you are looking for ways to get me to delete your app and use Google+, congratulations…this is it!

  • rigit_digit

    Our family is checking out Path. So far, we’re liking it. The trick of course is to get more of the fam to make the shift.