Here’s What The New iPhone 5S’s Slate Gray Color Looks Like In Real Life [Video]



Wondering what the new “slate gray” iPhone 5s will look like compared to the black-and-slate iPhone 5? A new video shows off the color as seen in Apple’s recently released slate gray iPod nano.

Ben Pasternak is a very nice, precocious seeming young kid from Sydney, Australia who seems to be one of those from-utero Apple fans that we love so much here at Cult of Mac. Ben got his hands on a new slate gray iPod nano, and in a short video uploaded to his tech-obsessed YouTube channel, Ben has shown what the new color option looks like in the wild.

Although Apple is calling the color gray, Ben says the color is actually darker than gray would imply. It’s almost black, although in certain lighting conditions, it can take on a bluish tinge. In direct sunlight, it’s gray.

As you might remember, the black-and-slate iPhone 5, while sleek and sexy in a way that Batman could love, was prone to massive chipping and scratching issues that ruined its finish in many pockets. We can only imagine that the change to slate gray over straight black is a compromise made to deal with this issue.

What do you think? Does the new slate gray color option look as good as the black iPhone 5? Let us know in the comments. And check out Ben Pasternak’s YouTube channel while you’re at it!