Cordii iPhone Case Channels Your Inner Dr. Dre



Got yourself a pair of Beats headphones? I’m sorry to hear that, but I do have some good news: no, there’s not a magic fix to tame the over-boomy bass and bring balance back to the sound of your expensive cans, but there is an iPhone 5 case that’ll help you wrangle the red cord.

Actually, the Cordii Case will work with any sufficiently thick headphone cable, not just Dre’s overpriced junk.

The Cordii is yet another attempt at dealing with tangle-centric headphone cables, and it also looks like a lot of fun to use, bringing out the latent OCD in all of us. The case has a groove that snakes its way across the back letting you push the cable in, and little tabs along its length stop the cable from popping out again. If you ever used one of those channels that routes a power cord under a keyboard or even an electric kettle, you’ll be familiar with the process.

The Cordii will cost you around $20-$25, depending on when you get your Kickstarter pitch in. It’ll come in black or white, and promises to ship in November.

Source: Kickstarter
Via: Uncrate