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STM Debuts New Cases For The iPhone 5c And 5s


The STM Harbor 2 case for the iPhone 5c.


Perhaps best known for their bag-making skills, Aussie-based STM Bags is no slouch when it comes to iPhone and iPad armor. This week saw the introduction of a new STM iPhone 5/s wallet case — and two new cases they’ve already prepped for the iPhone 5c.

Did they receive 5c specs from Apple? Nah mate, they say the bonzer new cases are the result of good planning and a lot of hard yakka. Fair dinkum!

The two cases STM cooked up for the 5c are the Harbour 2 (that’s it above) and the Grip. The $30 Harbor 2 incorporates a hinged bottom, allowing the iPhone to be slid in or out of the case; it also doubles as a kickstand. The Grip is $20, and doesn’t have much to show off save for its measly price and a grippy texture. Both the Grip and the Harbor 2 are also available for the iPhone 5/s

Available only for the 5/s is the new Catch wallet case, with two slots for cards/cash carved into the back of the case. The Catch is $35.

Source: STM Bags