Walmart Is Offering Discounted $79 iPhone 5c On Launch Day [Deals]



A lot of people weren’t mightily impressed by the iPhone 5c’s price tag, after it was rumored for months that Apple would make the new device as wallet friendly as possible. So if you’re looking to save a couple more bucks on your iPhone 5c purchase, Walmart has deal that knocks $20 off the final price tag.

Walmart announced today that it will sell the 16GB iPhone 5c for $79 (retail price $99 with a two-year contract) and the 16GB iPhone 5s will be sold for $189, making for a $10 discount on the normal retail price.

Walmart says that Apple isn’t giving them a discount on the iPhones, but because the chain is huge and moves a quantified shit ton of electronics through its stores with ease, its able to eat a couple bucks on the iPhone prices in an effort to sell more iPhones.

Pre-orders will start tomorrow and should arrive at local Walmarts on September 20th. Pre-orders made through Walmart require that you pick up the device by September 25th. If you wait until September 21st to pick up your iPhone 5c you can also trade in your iPhone 5 and get up to $300 knocked off the price.


Source: Walmart