Remora, A Stylish Plastic Cash-And-Card Clip For The iPhone 5/s



Remora is a super-simple “case” for the iPhone 5/s which does two things:

  1. Protect your iPhone from drops onto its corners (as long as it hits one of the two corners covered) and
  2. Holds two credit cards.

Actually, there might just be a third thing – the Remora looks a lot like the tire levers I carry in my bike-repair kit, so maybe it could be used to get the tires off your bike?

The case clips over the camera corner and its cater-corner, protecting these two edges whilst providing the iPhone with a diagonal plastic slash that holds up to two credit cards. The slash actually has “latches,” lips which are shaped to lift when you slide a card in and then snap shut, securing the cards in place.

The whole design is ingenious, and will work on your current iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5s. There’s also a model for the 4/s, and whichever one you choose, it’ll cost just $20. I’m pretty interested, as I don’t like those bulky wallets that stick on the back, but I do like the idea of not needing a separate wallet for money. Available now.

Source: Remora