Blur Turns Photos Into Beautiful iOS 7-Y Wallpapers



Blur is a universal iOS app which does one thing: blurs your pictures for use as wallpapers. But it’s single-function design doesn’t mean that it can only be used for one thing.

iOS 7 has some amazing new wallpapers, but the best part – wallpaper-wise at least – is the full-bleed, edge-to-edge view of the photos you put on the lock screen. The text overlay is automatically colored so that you can see it on dark and light photos, and there is no chrome to encroach on your work of art.

There is one thing, though: when you have notifications on your lock screen, your picture is blurred to make a clean backdrop for all the info on screen. And while some photos look great blurred, some look awful.

Imagine, if you will, a picture of your own mother enjoying an ice-cream cone, innocently licking the delicious berry-flavored confection from the beigy-pink shaft. You see where I’m going here. Blur that thing out and you have a picture no son or daughter should ever have to see.

Enter Blur. While the app is meant for creating lovely backdrops, it can also be used to stress-test images before they’re deployed in potentially dangerous situations.

The price for this peace of mind? $1.

Source: App Store
Via: Beautiful Pixels