Intrepid Journeyman And Lillium: These Might Be The Last iPad And MacBook Bags You’ll Ever Need:



What happens when Brian Holmes of Pad&Quill decides to make actual bags for Macs and iPads? You get Intrepid Bags, leather satchels for “him and her” which are made with an almost absurd attention to quality. There are two models right now: the Journeyman (For Him) and the Lillium (For Her).


The Intrepid holds a MacBook in a clever floating pocket, and also has spots for stowing your iPhone, pens and other bits and pieces. The styling as old-school satchel, but the design is modern, with steel hardware, messenger-bag cross-body joints for the strap (which cinches short for comfy carrying on the bike)and is made of tweed-lined saddle leather. Retail will be $330.

The Lillium (retail $119) is one of those waist-mounted saddlebag thingies so beloved of middle;class hippies, but this one is actually cool. Also leather, also tough, and also designed for your gadgets, the Lillium fits your iPhone and iPad mini, and has card slots and pen slots so you can use it as a wallet as well as a bag.

For me, the Journeyman looks a little over-engineered, but the Lillium seems great. Often I want to leave 6845616c24b521a461efabac318b0bff_largethe house with an iPad, my phone and some money, plus a camera slung over my shoulder. A regular shoulder bag makes this complicated and ultimately uncomfortable, but the Lillian looks gender-neutral enough to be a contender.

Brian decided to launch things on Kickstarter, but as the project is already funded after just five days, you can be pretty sure of the results. Plus you can get the Journeyman for $297 and the Lillian for $109. Delivery is expected in December.

Source: Kickstarter