Every New Ringtone And Alert Tone In The iOS 7 GM [Video]


One of the few surprise announcements from yesterday’s keynote was that iOS 7 will come with a completely new set of ringtones and alert tones. That’s right, Marimba is finally in exile after annoying the living shit out of us for six long years.

The new ringtones and alert tones were included in the latest iOS 7 GM that was seeded to developers yesterday afternoon, and while Marimba and its old ringtone buddies are still available under the “Classics” options in iOS 7, the new ringtones and alert tones seem to fit better with the new iOS aesthetics.

You can listen to all the new ringtones in the video above, or check out the new alert tones in the video below:

Source: iOS Guides

  • rigit_digit

    One of the first thing we dummies do when we get a new phone or sw update is to play with the silly tones. I think this should have been the headline at the keynote yesterday.

  • CoyoteDen

    1995 called, they want their corny General MIDI tones back. That said, “silk” is currently my ringtone.