Corners, Probably The Most Minimal iPhone ‘Case’ Available



Remember the Radius? It was an iPhone case so minimal that it was almost invisible when viewed from anywhere but the back, and weighed in at just 4.4 grams, a weight too light to even register on the scale of ounces [1]

The Corners 4 somehow manages to be even more minimal than the Radius, ditching that heavy x-shaped brace on the back and just putting a little round puck on each corner of the iPhone.

Corners makes the iPhone look like a shrunken and elongated 3DO, which is a blast from the past. Or, if you opt for the gold version with the black iPhone, it has something of Ancient Egypt about it.

The corner bumpers attach to the iPhone (4/S or 5) with a 3M adhesive strips that can be removed if needed (there’s a spare set in the box), and protect not only the corners but also stop the front and back surfacers of the iPhone touching dirty and rough tables and floors. This avoids scratches and spills.

I actually gave up on cases a while back. I figured that I would only need one if I dropped the iPhone, so I took step to prevent that: I had silicone nodules implanted into my fingertips to make them grippier. This has added advantages, as you can imagine: I can count paper money real quick, I can foil any and every fingerprint scan, and I can drive the ladies (and gents, I guess) wild. A win win win win, as they say.

The Corners can be had in gold, pink or plain aluminum, for $40 a set. Available now.

Source: Corners

  1. I know. It was a joke.  ↩

  • DrM47145

    Yuck! Really?
    Nice way to turn your iPhone into a Playmobil coffee table.