Urban Holster Holds iPhone, Cash, Promise Of Danger




Some of you poor folks live in a country where the police has been militarized to such an extent that it’ll shoot its citizens just for pointing a cellphone at them wrong. So just what would your public “servants” (paid by you via your taxes) make of the Urban Holster, a neat-looking belt-bag that looks like nothing more than a place to stow a pistol?

Of course, this is the Cult of Mac, not the Cult of Death Machines, and the Urban Holster is a bridle-leather fanny pack for your iPhone, cash and cards. In fact, the design is more like an all-in-one wallet than a regular fanny pack (aka “bum bag” in the UK), and also sports a slot for a pen or pencil, and a band to which a keychain accessory can be attached.

I have a love/fear relationship with things that hang off you belt. I love the convenience and comfort, but I’m terrified that I’ll look like a dork if I use one. And speaking as somebody who has recently left the house on an excursion wearing sandals with socks (matching yellow socks), I should probably err on the side of caution with this one.

As should you if you buy one. Avoid dark city streets, especially late at night, and under no circumstances should you wear this at the same time as you wear a hoodie. The good news is that this $100 ($35 for early birds) holster is a Kickstarter project, which means that you have until December to save up your pennies for an accompanying bulletproof vest to protect yourself from the same police force that’s meant to protect you.

Source: Kickstarter
Via: Shopify