mBack Hard Drive Screws Into Your iMac’s Leg-Hole



This is another “why has nobody done this before” product. The mBAck is a small, bus-powered USB 3.0 hard drive that mounts onto the stand of your iMac.

The Good: Fantastic idea
The Bad: Those prices. LOL

The mBack comes in 500GB, 1TB and 2TB sizes and hooks into your Mac’s USB port. What would be the flat bottom of the box on a normal drive has been replaced by a circular, screw-in clamp: the threaded cylinder attached to the unit sticks through the hole in the iMac’s leg, and a threaded ring screws onto the other side, keeping it in place. There’s even a cutout so that the iMac power cable can still be threaded through.

The most obvious problem is that it is really only good for an iMac or an Apple display. If you want to go portable, you have a drive with a huge wart on its bottom. The other problem is the price: the 2TB model is a ridiculous $259. Compare this to the WD MyPassport, which costs just $150 (or $112 on Amazon) for 2TB, and can be strapped to the back of your iMac with a velcro strip.

Source: mLogic