Nikon P7800 Regains A Viewfinder, Remains Pedestrian



Viewfinders are the new fast lenses, or something. At least according to Nikon, which has put a proper viewfinder back in its P-series cameras with the new P7800. And when I say proper, I mean “proper” – the viewfinder isn’t a nice bright optical one but an electronic model.

Since I got a Fujifilm X100S with its amazing hybrid optical/electronic finder, I’ve been spoiled: I get the benefits of both. But given the vestigial viewfinders the likes of Canon and Nikon have historically stuffed into even their high-end compacts, an EVF might be an improvement, even if it does only have 921,000 dots (these days a high-quality EVF has double or even three times that). And you’re still getting the flip-out screen.

Otherwise, not much has changed: the P7800 keeps the 12.2MP sensor, the 28–200mm equivalent zoom and the complete lack of Wi-Fi or GPS capability (although there are expensive accessories to add these features).

The price? $550, or $50 more than Sony’s amazing new big-sensor QX100.

Source: Nikon
Thanks: Geoffrey!

  • popeyoni

    This would be a worthwhile camera if it had a one inch sensor or something similar.
    As it is, it is a glorified point and shoot.