CopyDock Gives You The iOS 7 Dock In iOS 6 [Jailbreak]



iOS 7 isn’t for everyone. With its brightly-colored, flat candy chiclet design, it’s an update that many people are going to find jarring after playing in Scott Forstall’s skeuomorphic playground for so long. In fact, given how polarizing iOS 7 is, I imagine some long-time iOS users might decide not to come along for the ride at all.

Even if you hate iOS 7, though, there are some elements to love. For example, the new dock. Sure, functionally, it’s exactly the same, but the frosty two-dimensional glass looks just so much better than the faux-3D nonsense that was going on before.

Enter CopyDock. For jailbroken iDevice owners, CopyDock strips out the iOS 6 dock and replaces it with the iOS 7 dock. Simple, beautiful, and free. You can find it in the BigBoss repo on Cydia. Now how about bringing Control Center to iOS 6, jailbreak devs?

Via: ModMyi

  • DesignByAdrian

    Can you use the same tool to put the iOS6 dock on iOS7?

  • brnmbrns

    Too bad it looks almost nothing like iOS 7’s dock.

  • lambaline

    Actually, there is SBSettings, or NCSettings that do pretty much the same thing, and more, than control center

  • Eitot

    Too bad it looks almost nothing like iOS 7’s dock.

    I agree, it actually looks better than on iOS 7. Much more subtle, not so blurry.

  • roocik

    Is there a way to do the opposite? iOS 6 dock on iOS 7?