Pointless Colored Aluminum Strips Cover Your iMac’s Chin


chinny chin chin

Identity is like a Smart Cover for your iMac… kinda. It’s an aluminum strips that sticks to the iMac’s “chin” using magnets, and, uh, adds a strip of color. There’s even a cutout to let the Apple logo show through, a phenomenon familiar to aficionados of iPad cases (I call these peek-a-boo cases “assless iChaps”).

But wait: the iDentity isn’t quite as useless as it first seems. The strip can be customized – using lasers – to any design you like.


Yes, lasers and magnets together in one product. It almost seems to good to be true, like the giant robots and giant sea monsters of Pacific Rim (spoiler: they were too good to be true; the story makes the Godzilla movies look like they were written by David Mamet).

But who would pay $50 just to change the color of their iMac’s chin? Well, so far 13 people have pledged money to the Kickstarter cause, so that, uh, something at least. But the real story is in the laser-cut panels, like the NYC skyline seen here. As Macs make it into more and more corporate spaces, the opportunities for branding will surely increase. Maybe HP could have a bunch made up with its logo cut into the aluminum so that its designers can tell the real Mac apart from its shameless copies?

Source: Kickstarter
Thanks: Jarrod!

  • Ianthetechman

    Cannot believe that anyone would actually buy this product !!! Other than a bit of colour it adds absolutely nothing does it ?