iOS Worldwide Mobile Web Share Drops To 55% From 65% Last August



While Apple has been getting dominated by Android in terms of the sheer number of smartphones sold, iOS users have still managed to capture the lion’s share of worldwide mobile web share company, but it looks like the size of their pie is shrinking.

According to the latest survey from NetApplications, iOS’s worldwide mobile web share has dropped 11% since August of 2012. While iOS is still at the top with 54.9%, Android has risen from 20.9% in August 2012, to 28.1% in August 2013.

As noted by Fortune’s Philip Elmer-Dewitt, Apple likes to use NetApplication’s monthly web usage reports, but considering it’s drop in the survey’s findings, it will be interesting to see if Cook touts the company’s latest numbers at next week’s iPhone event.

Source: NetApplications
Via: Fortune