Play Peggle With An Elder God – Ball Of Cthulhu In The App Store Now


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Ever feel like submitting your will, nay, your sanity, to an Elder God? iOS game Ball of Cthulhu aims to make your dream a reality, with a narrative right out of the pulp magazines of the Lovecraftian era to pull you from one Peggle-styled level to the next.

You’ll have to use the power of Cthulhu to call followers to the incomprehensible deity’s cause using the ball named in the title of the game. You’ll move a small demented paddle across the bottom of the screen, making sure that the power of an elder god (in the form of a pinball) isn’t lost.

There are over 32 levels, with 18 different endgame boss levels created for those players who think that high scores are akin to communing with a god. Developer Alvin Muolic says he designed the game “with no hidden costs for the player in mind,” just like the retro games he grew up playing.

The Ball of Cthulhu is a universal game app, meaning you can play it on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad in native resolution without any muss or fuss, and there are Game Center leaderboards and achievements for those interested.

The Ball of Cthulhu is available now in the App Store for $1.99, which seems like a small price to pay to fulfill the will of your Elder God, right?

Source: App Store