MonCarbone’s Crater Case Looks Like Chocolate And A Crater Face



If you’ve ever yearned for an iPhone case modelled on the skin of Edward James Olmos in his Miami Vice period (and frankly, who hasn’t?) then I have excellent news: monCarbone will now sell you the Crater, a carbon-fiber case as full of holes as a cartoon cheese.

I love the Crater: it’s so gloriously weird, and yet it comes from monCarbone, a company whose purpose seems to be to hawk overpriced carbon-fiber luggage and cases to idiots who still think that air travel is glamorous. The $99 (told you!) case is in two parts, with an outer section that looks like 1970s UK candy bar Curly Wurly and several (supplied) inner plates which, uh, also look like Curly Wurlies.

It might not be the most practical case in terms of bulk (those two layers add up to thick case), but it certainly is the only iPhone case to be modeled on a kids chocolate and caramel confection and on a 1980s TV character. Not bad.

Source: monCarbone
Thanks: Cassie!

  • hypnotoad

    1970’s candy bar? They’re still on sale here in Australia, not a museum piece.