Red iPhone 5C Is Powered On, Played With In New Hands-On Video



The iPhone 5C is quite possibly Apple’s worst-kept secret so far. We been enjoying photos and videos featuring its colorful plastic back and other internal components for a number of months, and now a new video has surfaced that shows a seemingly complete handset powered on and being played with.

With so many iPhone 5C leaks, it seemed inevitable that as we edged closer to its launch, finished, functional units would start appearing out in the wild. So the hands-on video below, which shows a red unit being used to browse ther Internet, comes with little surprise.

This video was uploaded to Chinese video sharing network Youku, and it’s not the only iPhone 5C leak to come out of China this week. has also published photographs of the handset in its retail packaging, which you can see above and below.


It seems the device will not come in a cardboard box like previous iPhones, but in a slightly larger plastic case like the iPod touch instead — no doubt to show off it’s pretty colors. You’ll also notice that each device has a different wallpaper matching the color of its back panel.

The iPhone 5C is expected to get its grand unveiling alongside the iPhone 5S on September 10. That’s just over one week away, so you can expect Apple to send out press invitations for the event today or tomorrow.


  • iFan41

    A lot of people are saying they’re cheap junk. WRONG. It’s the 5 with a plastic backing…I think they are going to sell like crazy due to the lower price point and the colors. Most of us put phones in a case so who cares what it’s made out of?

  • iFan41

    Oh, and the colorful wallpaper is cardboard for display…the screens will have the usual iOS 7 background

  • AaronMoore

    Article title reads “Red iPhone 5C” … picture for article is of a Blue… you know… things like having your picture relate to your title aren’t that hard to do well. And if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing well.

  • markymac

    I’m still trying to make sense of this. It goes without saying that the 5C will be gimped, otherwise there’d be no reason to buy the “premium” version. The problem is enough people feel that the 5C is good enough then the features of the premium model may not be compelling enough.

    I usually give Apple the benefit of the doubt but this could be the moment in history we look back on as the worst decision Apple’s ever made in the Tim Cook era. I won’t pretend to know the mind of Steve Jobs but I don’t believe he would EVER allow a subpar piece of equipment leave the Apple offices.

    To me it would’ve made more sense to drop the price of the current iPhone by $100 and be the first flagship phone at $100 rather than start up an entirely new product line with assembly, distribution, marketing, etc. Just pour that money back into the product and force everyone else to follow your lead as they lose money hand-over-fist.

  • Andre Godoi

    Ah well, it is obvious that if you’re going to make a video of a leaked hardware you will simply show it doing the most innovative thing only this new hardware can do, browse the internet! No need to show the home screen, the “About” section under the general settings and certainly not the back of the hardware with its very well known plastic cover…

  • m_hardwick

    Calling bullshit on this… even a gimped iPhone wouldn’t be that slow just playing with a single web page… and that black bar along the bottom reminds me more of Android that any iOS7 screenshot I have seen.

  • daov2a

    If this is the new iPhone: garbage. And wow, Safari sure looks like Dolphin. Wouldn’t be surprised if they sue. In any case, is there a reason why they video couldn’t be shot in … widescreen? I would guess it’s a fake just because of that alone.

    It’s even funnier to watch someone navigate Apple’s website with an iPhone. I’ve always found that hilarious. The inventors of mobile as we now know it have the crappiest website for mobile devices…

  • shamus109

    Yeah and why couldn’t they shoot this video in 4K resolution with 3D and get Martin Scorsese to direct the video leak. Seriously daov2a?

  • rammo123

    I’m still sitting here hoping that all these leaks over 5C and 5Ss and everything else is just a misinformation campaign, and Sept 10th is going to be the reveal of iWatch and iTV and one more thing.