PhoGo Case Turns iPhone 5 Into A Mult-Lens Camerta



Until the Olloclip came along and changed iPhoneography forever, I got along with stick-on magnetic lenses for my iPad and iPhone. They work fine, as long as you don’t mind having to glue a metal washer around your iPhone’s lens, or Lining the lenses up to the iPhone camera’s own lens by eye, every time you either installed it or just knocked it.

The PhoGo case fixes this while adding a bunch of other neat iPhoneography features to your iPhone.

The case is a one-piece snap-on shell, with cut-outs for the main ports and controls. Around the lens section there’s a bayonet fitting designed to accept lenses from Diff, the company that makes the PhoGo. These lenses are a lot like the magnetic one, only instead of using magnets they haver a little tab on the base which locks them onto the case, avoid wandering-lens-syndrome and keeping them in place.

The PhoGo has another bulge on the other side of the case, into which you can screw a tripod or – in a clever twist of accessory-selling innovation – a small keychain loop that’ll let you add a wrist strap of lanyard to your iPhone.

Finally, the PhoGo is available in a range of colors, not just boring old black. Whichever one you opt for, it’ll cost you $35, plus $50 for a set of lenses, plus however much else you want to spend on compatible accessories (sunshade, cinema rig, d-ring etc).

Source: Diff