Publishers To Pay iBookstore Customers $3 For Each NYT Best Seller Purchased


Apple can't ditch its ebook compliance monitor.
Apple can't ditch its ebook compliance monitor.
Photo: Apple

While Apple decided to hold out for a court battle — that it eventually lost — five of the publishers involved in the iBookStore price fixing antitrust case have already reached settlements with the DOJ. Two of those publishers, Penguin and Macmillan, are already sending out emails to customers to notify them that they’re eligible to receive iTunes credit, or a check for the settlement.

The notification only applies for customers who bought a book from Penguin or Macmillan, though HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster, and the Hachette Book Group have all reached settlements with the DOJ as well, and sent out notifications last November.

Eligible customers are estimated to receive a credit of $3.06 for every New York Times bestseller, but you only get a mere $0.73 for any non-bestsellers. If you’ve been stocking up on your e-book collection through iTunes, you might be getting a nice check come the beginning of 2014, as long as the settlements are approved at the December 6th hearing.

Source: EbooksAGsettlements