It’s Not Just You: TV Shows Category Mysteriously Disappears From Apple TV



If you’ve been wondering why the TV Shows icon on your Apple TV has suddenly vanished today, you are not alone. We’ve been getting tips for the past several hours from readers who can’t access the TV Shows category of the iTunes Store on their Apple TVs, with some complaints being as old as this morning.

What’s odd is that Apple’s status page for cloud services hasn’t mentioned the outage yet. The TV Shows section of the iTunes Store seems to be working for most on the desktop, so maybe it’s just a bad glitch. We’ll update this post once Apple acknowledges the issue.

Image: Alexander Martinez

  • jshphoto

    Is this it? Is this the big surprise? Is this “one more thing”?

  • SarcasticMisanthrope

    I noticed it also yesterday. So, I just rebooted my Apple TV and the TV shows category was back. I just chalked it up to a software and/or firmware glitch. Not the end of the world.