Beamhaus BillFold: A Beautiful Leather Wallet Case For iPhone 5 [Review]



The Beamhaus BillFold is a wallet case with three pockets; one that holds your iPhone 5, another for your credit card or ID, and another for your cash. The iPhone pocket has a suede lining that’s kind to your iPhone’s display and prevents it from getting scratched.

BillFold by Beamhaus
Category: Wallet Case
Works With: iPhone 5
Price: $89.99

The BillFold is made entirely of leather; “Horween latigo” in tan is used externally, while the inside is lined with “Horween Dublin” in black. It’s only available in these colors, but I think you’ll agree it looks pretty darn beautiful.

The BillFold is priced at $89.99, which is a little pricey for an iPhone 5 case. But is it worth it?

The Good

As I’ve already mentioned, the BillFold is a really good-looking wallet case — possibly the prettiest I’ve used with the iPhone 5. The tan and black leathers look great together, and the build quality is fantastic. A lot of effort has clearly gone into making this case, and it shows.

The inside.
The inside.

It’s also one of the simplest and easiest wallets to use. You don’t use your iPhone while it’s inside the case; you simply slip it out when you need it, so you have the luxury of holding your iPhone in all its naked glory while you’re using it, but keeping it well protected when you’re not.

That could be a downside, of course, depending on how clumsy you are. But I like it. The case can be a little tight when it’s new, but after a little while the leather loosens up and getting your iPhone in and out of it is simple. The suede flap also lets you get your thumb inside the pocket to get a decent grip on your iPhone when you need to.

There’s one proper card slot on the right side of the BillFold, plus a larger pocket behind that for bills. If you have more than one card you want to take with you, you can throw those into the larger pocket as well. I found myself putting my debit card in the larger pocket all the time because it was just easier to access, but still just as secure.

Unlike some leather wallet cases, the BillFold stays closed when you want it to; having the iPhone pocket on the left side — or the top when the case is closed — helps that. And thanks to the BillFold’s strong, high-quality leather, it’s super protective. I’ll bet your iPhone won’t even know it’s hit the floor after a drop.


The Bad

But that thick leather does have its downsides. It’s very big and bulky, and you’ll certainly notice the difference in your pocket if you’re used to carrying your iPhone naked or in a thin plastic case.

The BillFold is a little bulky.
The BillFold is a little bulky.

With that said, the BillFold is probably better suited to a bag most of the time, but bear in mind that there are no holes for your iPhone’s speakers, and that it becomes muffled inside the BillFold. I often found it hard to hear alerts, even with my iPhone on full volume.

The other downside to the BillFold is that you need to take your iPhone out to use it. I noted this was a positive for me, but for others, it’ll be a negative. If you don’t like using your iPhone naked — if you have a tendency to drop it while you’re texting or on a call — then the BillFold isn’t going to be much help. It can only protect your iPhone when it’s not in use.

The BillFold is also pretty expensive at $90 — particularly when you compare it to other popular wallet cases, such as Twelve South’s $60 BookBook. I’d say its build quality and the materials used are worth it, but you can certainly find other wallet cases that are just as good that won’t cost a small fortune.

The Verdict

I was a huge fan of the BillFold when I first started using it, but over a week or two, its size did become an issue. It’s a tight fit inside the pocket of my jeans, and I always knew it was there. I eventually found myself going back to a simple iPhone case and a dedicated wallet.

If you carry a bag, this won’t be an issue for you. You can throw the BillFold inside it and it will negate the need to carry a wallet. Just remember that you probably won’t hear it most of the time.

I was hugely impressed with the BillFold’s design and build quality, however. It’s made from premium materials that look fantastic, and it only gets prettier as it becomes worn.

Product Name: BillFold
The Good: Beautiful, well made, very protective.
The Bad: Big and bulky, expensive, not ideal for clumsy iPhone users.
The Verdict: A super wallet that looks terrific, but with a few frustrating flaws.
Buy from: Griffin


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