Apple To Extend AppleCare+ Accidental Damage Warranty To Europe [Rumor]



AppleCare+, the $99 extended warranty for iPhone and iPad that covers accidental damage as well as component failure, could soon be heading to Europe. Apple first began selling the service two years ago, but as things stand, it’s only available to customers in the United States and Canada.

AppleCare+ is the ideal extended warranty for clumsy customers. Not only does it extend the standard warranty on your iOS devices to two years from the date of purchase, but it also covers two incidents of accidental damage at a cost of just $49 each.

So if you happen to drop your iPhone in water or throw it under a bus, Apple will repair or replace it for just $49 if it’s covered by AppleCare+. It really is a great deal, and it’s pretty cheap, too. AppleCare+ costs just $99 per iPhone or iPad, which even with extra $49 is significantly less than you’ll pay to repair or replace a device yourself.

AppleCare+ is so good that I’ve often wondered why it isn’t available internationally. But according to unnamed sources for French website iGen, that’s about to change, with Apple expected to begin selling AppleCare+ in Europe imminently.

iGen expects the service to cost around €100 per device in Europe, and says it could be available only to iPhones initially with support for iPads later on. It doesn’t mention when exactly AppleCare+ could become available, but it’s possible it could go on sale to coincide with the launch of new iPhones this fall.

Source: iGen

Via: iDownloadBlog

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