CODE Keyboard Is Mechanical, Customizable, Awesome



Jeff Atwood (of Stack Overflow fame) decided that he needed a new keyboard for his coding adventures. So instead of just firing up the Amazon app and starting from there, he decided to make his own. And now you can buy it, too. It’s the CODE mechanical keyboard, and you can use it to clack away to yourself, silently and in the dark.

The CODE uses Cherry MX Clear mechanical keyswitches, which are clacky and have all the tactile feedback you expect from a mechanical keyboard, but without the neighbor-baiting noise. It also features “6-Key USB Rollover,” which means that up to six keys can be pressed together and still register. It’s like a gaming keyboard, only for nerdy keyboard shortcuts. According to Atwood, ”Ctrl, Alt, and Shift do not count towards these six keys,” making things even better.

It’s also backlit with white LEDs (and proper see-through letter on the keycaps, set in Helvetica), and has a thick PC board so you can open it up and solder it.

But that’s not it. Flip this baby over and you get access to a series of DIP switches that let you switch up the modifier keys in hardware. You can change the CAPS LOCK to something more useful, disable the Windows key and more. And — importantly for us — you can switch the Alt and Windows keys to work as Command and Alt keys.

For $150, I’d prefer a native Mac layout, but despite that this has to be one of the coolest-looking keyboards I’ve ever seen. And if I could actually type on mechanical keyboards I’d probably buy one.

Available now, with or without the number pad.

Source: Code Keyboards