Griffin Survivor Case Gets Way More Manly With Camo Color Option




Half the country is perhaps unaware of this, but out in places like Tennessee, where Griffin is based, the camouflage color scheme is a pretty big deal. Obviously there are camo shirts, pants and gun cases. But there’s also a good selection of camo bedding, camo welding helmets and of course, camo lingerie (don’t worry, link is more or less SFW).

So it makes perfect sense that Griffin’s tough-as-nails Survivor case is now available in camouflage.

Both the Survivor iPad case and the Survivor iPhone 4/S/5 case can be had in a variety of camo flavors — among them Treestand, Shadow Grass and Pink Break-Up (yes, pink camo) — by Mossy Oak, probably the biggest name in camouflage (yes, there are camo brands).

The Mossy Oak Camo Griffin Survivor iPad and iPhone cases are $90 and $60 respectively, and can be found at Walmart and at Griffin’s own site.

Source: Griffin