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New Logitech Ultrathin Touch Mouse Makes Me Want To Lick The Screen



It’s been a while since a mouse had me licking my MacBook’s screen with gadget lust, but a few seconds after first looking at Logitech’s new Bluetooth-powered Ultrathin Touch Mouse T630 and my rMBP’s glossy panel was covered with a thick coat of saliva. (Seriously, doesn’t anyone else lick their screen? Am I the only one?*)

Just look at the thing. Its aerodynamic aluminum form apes the silhouette of the MacBook Air beautifully — no accident, since the Ultrathin is designed specifically for Ultrabooks like the current crop of sleek, alloy-clad MacBook Airs and 13″ Retina.

Functionally, its “silky-smooth” (says Logitech) touch surface will perhaps (hopefully) let it perform like one of Apple’s vaunted trackpads. Logitech has an excellent track record with input devices, so there’s little reason to believe otherwise.

Two other points worth noting: The Ultrathin can maintain a simultaneous connection to three two separate devices (eg MacBook, desktop Mac and a tablet), or can switch between the three; and its built-in battery will quick-charge for an hour’s worth of use in just one minute.

The mouse comes in two colors. The Logitech Ultrathin Touch Mouse T631 for Mac is white, and available in November. The black-topped version (the T630, above) is due out next month. Same price for either, $70.

* Relax, I don’t really lick the screen. Usually.

Source: Logitech