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Are White iPhones Cracking Up?



Image via iPhoneSavior

A quick peek at the iPhone availability widget reveals the model least-likely to be sold out at any Apple retail outlet is the 16GB in White.

The relatively ready supply of this particular model may or may not be related to possible side-effects of the injection-molding process used to manufacture the phone casings, which are apparently proving susceptible to hairline cracks, as reported by ZDNet.

It will be interesting to see how the re-sale value of white iPhones compares to that of the black models when the next hardware rev comes along.

4 responses to “Are White iPhones Cracking Up?”

  1. Joker says:

    you know, if you could find 12 or 15 more instances of apple’s recent failures as the company overextends itself, you could write a nice story about it.

  2. Danny Policarpo says:

    I have just discovered crack on my 8GB Black so there is no way this can only apply to white iPhone 3G’S