MacBook Charger Pouch Offers ‘Effortless Style for the Untamed Spirit’



What would a weekday be without an as-yet-unavailable Kickstarter project? It would be a day without hope, without longing for the future, and without… effortless style for the untamed spirit.

Yes, “Effortless Style for the Untamed Spirit” is indeed the slogan being used to pitch an organizer for your MacBook charger. Seriously.

Actually, the pitch is better than the product itself, full of atmospheric B&W shots of various pouches made from “5oz. Dakota black vegetable oil tanned cowhide leather” and a moody-looking male model. I’m not lying when I tell you that one of the photos features our man pouting out from a suitably derelict-looking lockup, wearing shades and a leather jacket, and with no product in sight.


The Crew Cord Organizer is little more than a leather bag with a restraining strap on the top to stop the thick mains cord from unravelling once you have coiled it. The problems with this are twofold:

First, the genuine “Untamed Spirit” would never take the time to coil his cord. He’s be too busy getting tattoos, drinking bourbon and/or tequila and stumbling away from yet another failed relationship. In fact, he probably wouldn’t even own a MacBook. Or any laptop. Or even any appliance with a cord other than maybe his rabbit-eared TV.

So we are clearly dealing with a different kind of “Untamed Spirit” here. The kind of man who wears a leather jacket whilst gazing mysteriously into the late afternoon sun, yet still feels the need to coil his cords when he leaves Starbucks. Let’s call this man the “Tamed Spirit.”

And here’s the second problem. Assuming that our “Tamed Spirit” is not just a broken-willed office drone, then he won’t need the Crew Cord Organizer because he won’t carry the power cord. It’s a well known fact that cool cats only use the “duck head” power prongs on their MacBook chargers, leaving the cable in its virgin uncoiled state inside the the box.

Want more? Of course you do. So here’s a transcription of the “Founders Notes,” as included on Kickstarter in — you guessed it — an atmospheric B&W JPG:

Hi Kickstarter,

My name is Sam and I am one of the founders of The Goods.
The Goods is a brand that has transcendent craftsmanship and is a lifestyle for the modern man. It caters to the people who are grounded by their roots and refined in their tastes. This is a story about starting with nothing and getting to the top, about the new gentlemen who are melding two conflicing styles into one.

Leather laptop cable holsters. Untamed Spirit.

Source: Kickstarter
Thanks: Jessica!