Legendary Pixen Pixel-Art App Now In Mac App Store



Pixen is one of my favorite Mac apps. If any of you follow me on Twitter or similar, you will have seen my Scary Baby avatar. That was built by me, one pixel at a time, in Pixen, probably running on an old white iBook.

Pixen is — as you may have guessed — a pixel editor for the Mac, and now it’s available in the Mac App Store.

The app is very deferent to the one I used years ago, and also very similar. It looks almost exactly the same, but the intervening years have brought animation and tablet pressure support (for color opacity) among other new features, and the old features, which make the app so great, are still there.

The app is designed for pixel artists, which sounds trite, but it has tools specific to drawing in pixels. There’s a tool for making lines that don’t look ragged, for example, and you can map tools to to both left and right buttons for fast deployment.

I have no idea if there are now better apps for the Mac, but I do know that I recently checked for pixel-art apps for the iPad and none of them were as good as Pixen.

How much for this welcome blast from the past? Just $10.

Source: MAS
Via: Andy Ihnatko