iLuv’s Faux-Leather Camera Case Turns iPhone Into A Vintage Camera


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No messing around with iLuv’s new camera case for the iPhone 5. It’s called the Camera Case, and it turns your iPhone into a little Leica-alike.

It’s a little gimmicky, sure, but so what? The case comes with a matching strap (you can choose from tan or black) so you can have the iPhone at the ready, and while there’s a faux lens-bulge on the back, the actual iPhone camera is left exposed so you really can get the shot quickly.

That bulge is actually a neat little storage pocket, big enough for some coiled-up earbuds or a few grams of [enough! – Ed]. It even has an elastic strap to stop your stuff from falling out.

A handy, not-so-hidden pocket.
A handy, not-so-hidden pocket.

But to be honest, I just love the look of this thing. I have two cameras (apart from my iPhone) and both of them have custom-fit leather cases. They’re tough, they look good and they make the camera easier to hold. I have a feeling I’d start hating the iLuv Camera Case as soon as I try to slip it in my pocket, but I’m going to ask them to send a review unit over anyway — after all, it also makes the iPhone look a little like a gun holster… Which is pretty damn cool – even if it isn’t made from real dead cows.

Source: iLuv

Thanks: Abby!