Eventiles Auto Generates Galleries From Your Best Photos



One of the best new features in iOS 7 is the revamped Photos app, which organizes your pictures for you, creating a timeline of events based on places. Eventiles for iPhone does something very similar, only it also chooses your best photos, and captions the resulting photosets — which it generates automatically.

It’s pretty rad.

Just this morning I was up until almost 2 a.m. trying to put my iOS photos into some kind of system (result: I had a breakthrough, which is why I made it to bed so “early”), so I know what a pain photo organization is in these digital days, and Eventiles is a pretty fantastic way to help.

On first launch, it accesses your Photo Library and goes to work, creating events based on time and place (“Afternoon in Barcelona,” for instance) and presenting them in a multi-sized thumbnail grid, like iPhoto for iOS’ Journals. The app does a pretty good job of picking out the best images from a given block of time, and you can easily change the choices by hitting the little pencil icon to enter edit mode: Unchecked images are paler than checked ones, making it easy to quickly work through them.

From here, you can share your images in the usual ways (Facebook, Twitter, e-mail), plus saving the overview thumbnail to a local album in your Camera Roll, or publishing the slideshow. No photos are uploaded until you choose a sharing option, and if you choose to “Publish” only, the link is copied to your clipboard ready to be used (the resulting slideshow doesn’t work properly yet in iOS 7 Mobile Safari on the iPhone)

What are you waiting for? Eventiles is a great way to quickly clear out the cruft and make slideshows people will actually want to see. And it’s free.

Source: iTunes