Smartphone Spy Lens For Sneaky Snapper



It’s actually pretty easy to shoot sneaky pictures of people using the iPhone. You can pretend you’re doing something else as you point the camera at your unwitting/unwilling subject, or you can just hold the iPhone up to your ear, walk past them and snap a picture using the volume button.

Now there’s a third way: the Smartphone Spy Lens, an add-on that lets you shoot sneaky shots at 90-degrees to the camera’s own axis.

The dongle attaches to your iPhone via magnets, and thus requires a stick-on metal ring to render the back of your phone magnet-friendly. If you already use magnetic lenses for your iPhone, then you should be good to go. Because it sticks on magnetically you can spin it through 360˚ to point in any direction.

I would actually use this quite often: I regularly see people around town who remind me of celebrities, or — better — people who look like a cross between two celebrities. With the Spy Lens I could compose a tweet telling the world about my great discovery, and snap a picture of that discovery at the same time, all in total secrecy.

And God knows the world needs more quality celebrity lookalike tweets.

The Spy Lens comes from the fine folks at Photojojo, so you can be sure that you’ll get a tiny plastic dinosaur in your package if you order one. The price is just $20, so even if the internal mirrors don’t meet with your high standards, at least you won’t be too cut up about it.

Source: Photojojo