Beautiful Desk Lamps Made From Old Camera Gear



If you take a trip to the local laboratory supply store, and then follow it up by dropping into the vintage camera shop (or just a thrift store) then you could make your own beautiful lamp, just like those fashioned from dead photo gear by the Taiwanese Ystudio. It sure beats the usual crap you get from Ikea.


Yes, this is Cult of Mac, and although we love writing about cameras, writing about table lamps made of cameras is stretching it. Then again, it is August, and we just want to get back to organizing our holiday photos already, right?

Anyhow, back to the tenuously Mac-related lamps from Ystudio. They’re made from all kinds of cast-off photo, stuffing bulbs into lens-holes, or — more appropriately — into retro-tastic flashguns. You could put one of these on a desk next to your shiny iMac (see what I did there?) and enjoy the handsome juxtaposition of beautiful design both old and new.

The prices are available on application, depending on just what the Taiwan junk stores had on sale that day, I guess.

Source: Ystudio
Via: PetaPixel

  • patrickahles

    Tenuously? Or not at all? You are stretching it here, Charlie…