Traktor DJ Cable Feeds Headphones And Speakers Seperately, From One Jack Socket



DJing (or is that deejaying?) on the iPad is pretty rad, but what do you do about cueing up the next track? If you’ve got $20 to spend, you can buy the Traktor DJ cable, a splitter that lets you cue a track with your headphones and play another through the speakers.

traktor cable

Used in conjunction with Native Instruments’ Traktor DJ software (slogan: “TOUCH THE GROOVE”), you can send the two outputs from your virtual mixer to the two separate ends of the cable. Previously the best way to do this was to use a USB dongle in the Lightning/30-pin port to create a second sound output. Actually, that’s still the best way, as it offers stereo for both outputs, but this cable is way cheaper and way more convenient, plus you can keep the iPad plugged into power as you use it.

The cable also works on Macs.

My DJing skills begin and end with typing “80s” into Rdio’s search box and pressing play, but if you actually care about the music that people will shout over and drown out at your house parties, then the Traktor DJ cable is available now.

Source: Native Instruments